Personal data held by a business can be lost, stolen or accidentally released. A business may need assistance with the financial and legal burden as well as the service obligations to those affected individuals.

All 50 states (plus the District of Columbia) now have breach notification laws requiring notification to individuals whose personal information is lost or stolen.

29% of all businesses have had at least one data breach. 65% reported a negative impact on their business’ reputation.

We help businesses prevent cyber attacks and data compromise with training, resources, and advice as well as insurance that covers your expenses related to restoration and liability risk exposure(s).

We deliver tools to review your staff procedures, information systems tools and financial protection to minimize both the risk and damage of a data breach.

According to Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report, common patterns reveal tactics, bad actors, and victims. We use this information to assist in prevention and protection against this threat.

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Types of Cyber Coverages 

Allstate Business Insurance understands that every business has its unique needs, so they offer a variety of cyber-focused protection products to help protect small business owners in a virtual world.


This option offers the broadest amount of coverage due to a cyber event. Designed to fill gaps in coverage. Full CyberSuite includes:

  • Cyber Extortion (Ransomware)

  • Data restoration from electronic sources

  • Data Compromise

  • Data recreation from non-electronic sources

  • System restoration

  • Misdirected Payment Fraud

  • Computer Attack

  • An unauthorized person gaining access to the insured's computer system (1st Party)

  • A Malware Attack (1st Party)

  • A denial of service attach (1st Party)

  • A breach of third-party business data (3rd Party)

  • The unintended propagation or forwarding of Malware (3rd Party)

  • A denial of service attack in which the insured unintentionally participated (3rd Party)

  • "Network Security Liability Suit" - Defense, Settlement and Judgment is provided


  • 1st Party & 3rd Party Coverage

  • Forensic information technology

  • Legal Review

  • Public Relation Services

  • Identity Recovery

  • Regulatory Fines and Penalties

  • Payment Card Industry fines and penalties

  • Data Breach Notification Laws and Requirement

  • 3rd Party Credit Monitoring

  • Defense and Liability Costs


  • 1st Party Coverage

  • Computer Attack

  • Data Restoration Costs

  • Data Recreation Costs

  • System Restoration Costs

  • Cyber Extortion

  • Loss of Business

  • Extended Income Recovery

  • Public Relations Services


  • Includes everything in Cyber Basic

  • Adds 3rd Party Coverage

  • Network Security Liability

Information only. This does non constitute and offer to insure or promise or bind any insurance coverage. Application must be made to the insurance carriers who will underwrite and determine if coverage will be offered.


We offer you the full spectrum of insurance protection for your business, including:

Business Owners Policy

Defining The Coverages

Data Compromise

Provides first party and third party coverage designed to provide the insured with the resources to respond to a breach of personal information. Coverage helps the insured to comply with breach notification laws and provides defense and settlement costs in the event of a suit related to a breach of personal information.

Identity Recovery

Designed as a companion to Data Compromise, it provides owners of the insured business with a dedicated help line support, case management service and financial resources to recover control of their identities after an identity theft including legal fees if necessary.

Computer Attack

A first party coverage designed to respond to a computer attack that damages the insured’s data and systems. Coverage helps with costs associated with data and system restoration or recreation, loss of income and public relations assistance. Examples of a computer attack include hacking into the computer system, an attack against the system by a virus or other malware and a denial of service attack against the system.

Cyber Extortion

A first party coverage designed to help an insured respond to an extortion threat including cost of a negotiator or investigator retained and any amounts paid in response to a credible threat for the purpose of eliminating such threat.

Network Security Liability

A third-party coverage designed to provide defense and settlement costs in the event of a suit alleging that a system security failure on the part of the insured caused damage to a third party.

Misdirected Payment Fraud

Provides coverage when the insured is a victim of a wrongful transfer event – an intentional and criminal deception of the insured (or financial institution where the insured has an account) by a person who is not an employee using email, facsimile or telephone to conduct the transfer – resulting in a direct financial loss.

Computer Fraud

Provides protection when the insured is the victim of a computer fraud event or unauthorized access to the computer system that leads to intentional, unauthorized and fraudulent entry or a change to data or instructions within the computer system.

Electronic Media Liability

Coverage is triggered by the receipt of notice of an electronic media liability lawsuit − which can be a civil action, an alternate dispute resolution proceeding or a written demand for money − alleging that the electronic display of information on a website resulted in infringement of another's copyright, unintended defamation against a person or organization or a violation of right to privacy.