Homeowners Insurance Utah

Homeowners insurance protects one of your most valuable assets against the unexpected. Our insurance advisors will make sure that you have the right amount of protection for your home and belongings. They can also determine the need for special coverage, such as flood insurance and/or earthquake insurance that some homeowners mistakenly assume are included in a basic homeowners insurance policy

Renters Insurance Utah

Do you rent? Your landlord carries insurance on the apartment or home that you're renting, but you need renters insurance to protect your personal belongings, and liability exposure. Over 50% of renters do not have renters insurance. How much stuff do you own?

Condo & Townhome Insurance Utah

It is very important to balance your personal condo/townhome insurance coverage with the coverage limits chosen by your Homeowners Association master policy. In 2011, Utah passed a law called Senate Bill 167. This bill defines important coverages and the relationship between your personal condo/townhome policy and the HOA policy coverages. We can walk you through the changes and help you make the appropriate choices for your needs. 

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